A Greener Apple

Our Apple is turning Greener!

We've been working hard this year to reduce our carbon footprint, so here is a list of some of the changes we've made so far...

  • Replaced throwaway tablecloths with wipe clean tablecloths
  • No more plastic straws! Paper straws are available on request.
  • Washable cups & plates rather than cheap one-use ones
  • Permanent  & high-quality decorations (mostly handmade and Upcycled)
  • Replaced pass the parcel wrapping paper with reusable boxes
  • Upcycled furniture and signs for with a fresh and exciting new look
  • No more polystyrene cups, instead enjoy your cuppa in one of our vintage tea cups
  • We've switched to an eco-friendly energy supplier Bulb for our gas and electric (keep scrolling to find out more!)
  • Turning a tatty old unloved pub into a super awesome party venue!
    Yes, it does mean a lot more work on our part cleaning etc. but it's worth it to make our planet nicer for our future generations.

We’re always upgrading and trying out new ways to help make our venue better for the environment and creating a brighter future for all.


If you have any ideas please let us know in the comments xx

For those that are interested in Bulb and what they do, click on HERE to find out more...
Also, if you do decide to switch get a £50 voucher off when switching via us bulb.co.uk/refer/nicolac7506

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